New Finger Maths mobile application enables the kids to learn basic mathematics in a fun manner

January 03 01:42 2019

Finger Maths is the newly launched mobile application for kids that allows the kids to learn the basics of mathematics in a fun manner, without the classroom stress. It also helps the kids in developing an interest in maths and building a strong foundation for mastering the subject in the later years of their life. The app is launched for Android users on Google Play store and is available for free download.

Finger Maths app features 3 different levels that enable the kids to learn basic mathematics in a fun way,

  • The first level is about basic calculations like counting, adding, subtracting and making numbers in different ways, up to 5.
  • The second level includes the same procedure but up to 10.
  • And the third level includes the same procedure but up to 20.

The kids will have to complete the various tasks in each level, in the order of their listing. They will have a feeling of satisfaction after every task they’ll complete and proceed to the next. The tasks will have various questions with four different choices and the user will have to select the right one. By answering correctly, they’ll move to the next task. The user can also keep a track of their completed tasks and levels. After completing one task, they’ll move to the next and after completing all the tasks in a level, they’ll move to the next level.

Using the app, the kids will learn to do basic maths on their fingers. They will also develop a mathematical way of thinking, using their own hand and fingers. The app is also backed by some of the studies that indicate that doing basic calculations and other math on fingers helps in boosting the brain’s ability.


  • Enables the kids to learn the basics of mathematics easily
  • Reduces the stress for parents who want to teach their kids basic maths
  • No need for classroom stress as the kids can learn while having fun
  • Helps in developing confidence and self-esteem as the kids realize their ability in maths
  • Helps in building kid’s interest in the otherwise complicated subject
  • User-friendly interface allows both the parents and kids to use it conveniently
  • Available for free for everyone

Download the Finger Maths app for free from Google Play store

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