COINWARE is developing a free and user-friendly crypto exchange platform backed by experts in the industry

January 03 01:34 2019

COINWARE is an upcoming cryptocurrency trading platform that will enable the users to exchange their cryptocurrency into fiat, with a competitive withdrawal fees. It is backed by the experts in the industry, having a common passion for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. They are focusing on major African and South -East Asian countries. They are aimed to create a crypto trading platform with a user-friendly interface and smooth services, eliminating the shortcomings of the conventional crypto exchanges. The COINWARE team believes that partnership with financial services will help in making burden free exchange of crypto to fiat currency.

COINWARE is currently in the process of developing a secure, effective and transparent trading platform for the traders. It will also be developing a highly secure and protected crypto wallet called ‘COINWARE Pocket’, which will allow the traders to store any type of cryptocurrency in the market. This wallet will store both the public and private keys of the users and enable them to monitor their balance as well as send and receive crypto assets and make other transactions.

Cryptocurrency’s main goal was to eliminate the intermediaries and provide a cost-effective, secure and efficient payment method for people around the globe. Unlike the traditional banks that charge high fees for using the platform, mainly due to multiple intermediaries, a blockchain based platform like COINWARE doesn’t include any middlemen so it offers a negligible fee to the users.

Moreover, the traditional banks are not capable enough to process heavy transactions and often take much time to do so. They are also limited to a country or region and work with the native currencies and do not allow to store and pay in cryptocurrency. COINWARE overcomes all these issues by eliminating all the intermediaries and eventually reducing the processing and transfer fee to a minimum.

The platform also enables instant transfer of assets with an ability to handle over 3 million transactions per second. It enables users from any part of the world to send and receive both digital and fiat assets within a few seconds. COINWARE makes it possible for the users to store, transfer and pay in cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, COINWARE exchange platform will feature a user-friendly interface designed for both experienced and inexperienced traders in mind. The users will be able to execute a single click trade on the platform. COINWARE is all set to launch their private sale to offer the native CWT token from 3rd January 2019. The official ICO of COINWARE will begin from 12th February 2019. More information about the platform can be found on their official website

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