Eco-friendly Golf Shoes Save the Environment with Saddle Changing Technology

January 03 01:28 2019

Buying a pair of golf shoes just got more economical and eco-friendly at the same time. An innovation by Jack Grace USA, this golf shoe allows for changing the saddle in seconds, thus saving the hassle and cost of buying new shoes.  

Most buyers spend a good fortune on a pair of shoes, only to remain stuck with the same color and pattern. The Innovator golf shoe is different. Buy a pair and change saddles by simply stripping it off, and put in place a new colorful saddle to match one’s mood or dress. The financial gains are self-evident if the cost per look factor is considered. With the Jack Grace golf shoe, one can simply swap the saddle and give the old pair a new personality.

The saddle swapping feature makes the Innovator golf shoes eco-friendly as well. Conventional shoes aren’t suitable for all occasions, and thus customers are forced to shop for new shoes. Buy the Jack Grace golf shoes, and customize them for all occasions by simply changing the saddle with one’s favorite color or pattern.

Our shoe and saddle technology allows for you to get every possible look you would want out of your shoes without sacrificing quality or durability. That is what makes Jack Grace USA stand out,” said Bart Walker, founder, Jack Grace USA.

The saddle swapping feature is made possible with a patent-pending Hidden Channel technology. The Innovator golf shoes use magnets to secure the saddle, and laces can be tied as usual to keep it securely in place. The shoes are as tight and comfortable during use as any other conventional shoe, available in white, black and grey colors with 1,400 saddle options.

Jack Grace USA is a premier golf footwear company specializing in high-quality saddle golf shoes with unique, swappable saddles, as well as golf shoe laces, hats and visors. The Innovator golf shoe comes with free shipping, 7 days a week customer support, and a 60-day, no-hassle return and exchange scheme.

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