Cowboy Hardware Brings Top Notch Western Wear for Kids, Men and Women

January 03 01:22 2019

The modern cowboys and cowgirls get the best fitting dresses at Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware. They are ready to ride, work and just about do anything they want, because these dresses are tailored just for them.

Western wear for men, women and kids has been trending of late, but without a one-stop store to dress the entire family. The change comes with Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware, which has over 2,500 wholesale and retail outlets and a western wear e-commerce store. With hardly any large manufacturers daring to step into this niche sector, this store has it all.

Cowboy & Cowgirl Hardware is here to dress your entire family. We specialize in practical and versatile clothing for a western lifestyle. We spend just as much time and effort creating a shirt for a little 6-month-old infant cowboy or infant cowgirl as we do for the big ones,” say Grant & Lanie Gomez of Cowboy Hardware.

Kids’ western wear is infamous for its hassles, like alterations, hand-me-downs and lack of good quality infant designs. Cowboy Hardware does the maverick job of making dresses, shirts, jeans, outwear or tops that are ready to wear. The modern rancher, farmer or Western family couldn’t have asked for more.

The online store features a large collection of Western wear for all ages. For samples, check out the dark wash jeans for infants and toddlers, the black braided V-neck with crystal skull design, or the kids’ ‘bull rider for life’ vintage smoke short sleeve T-shirt.

I bought our first jacket and was hooked immediately! They create the most adorable western designed jackets, shirts, vests and more! Quality products and in styles and sizing you can’t find anywhere else,” says a recent customer.

Founded in 1995 as the Cowboy Hardware Men’s Western Wear Company, it took only a few years for the western wear manufacturer to expand its collection, with the addition of cowboy shirts, vests, caps, and jackets, followed by women’s and cowgirls’ western wear. With Cowboy Hardware, everyone can ride hard and play harder, on and off the field.

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