July 10 22:25 2017

South Dakota, USA – Microstocksolutions LLC, a full-service provider of content ingestion, curation, compliance, metadata, and post-production support for the visual media industry and the Fortune 500, this week officially launched VRmeta: the world’s first and only toolkit that turns traditional captioning and keywording on its head by giving every 360/VR clip it touches frame-by-frame and in video search capacity.

VRmeta adds unparalleled value to your 360°/VR content at scale.

Whether the goal is to create unmatched discoverability for your entire library, leverage metrics from all that amazing content or license those clips to increase their inbound revenue – VRmeta makes it happen.

The results are nothing short of awesome

Traditional methods of applying metadata are just not going to cut it with an immersive media. 360°/ VR, after all, wasn’t invented by the Lumière brothers, it was popularized by 21st century visionaries like yourself.

Unfortunately, without in-video search and metadata designed specifically for this amazing media, that content will sink quicker into the data miasma of your servers than the Titanic hitting a second iceberg.

VRmeta solves that problem by delivering future-proofed, richly tagged content and DNA level metrics that get delivered to you in a digital blueprint that sets new standards in immersive media intelligence.

Data-driven understanding of content and audiences is a new development for 360/ VR and we are an enabler of this wave of innovation.

VRmeta combines world class machine learning platforms with the most powerful human-powered metadata tools on the market.

“Great content without accurate metadata is, after all, a missed opportunity,” said Mark Milstein, founder and managing director of Microstocksolutions llc.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today for a free test.

For more information, visit: https://www.vrmeta.net

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