Beijing Suka Bio-Science&Technology Co., Ltd Introduced Misuca Bird’s Nest – High-End Brand from South East Asia

July 10 20:00 2017

With the improvement of living standards, people are not satisfied with the simple three meals a day. Health-promoting food is being pursued by more and more people. The bird’s nest with many functions, such as beautifying and strengthening the body, is a kind of natural health food, which is attracting more and more attention. More and more researches show that bird’s nest is of great significance in keeping body shape, improving skin and preventing diseases. Misuca, as a high-end bird’s nest brand in Southeast Asia, has been loved by the vast numbers of consumers for the purpose of “to provide customers with professional natural bird’s nest”.

Misuca, as the advocator of bird’s nest culture, and with bird’s nest collection point in Sarawak Malaysia and Sumatra island, Ratio island, Road House Indonesia, selects of Malaysia national gift bird’s nest quality and is one of the famous bird’s nest brands in China. Moreover, each Misuca bird’s nest that is exported to China passes screening and testing by multi-programs to ensure its safety and health.

Misuca bird’s nest is natural & pure, which selects natural and pure bird’s nest from South East Asia, enjoys the gift of nature, walks the way along with wind and rain. Misuca integrates high-quality bird’s nest resources, witnesses the quality improvement of bird’s nest, shows the unique charm of the brand, improves public health philosophy.

Bird’s nest is a best choice to maintain beauty and youth, improve brain function, and for physical fitness. Misuca doesn’t produce bird’s nest, it’s just a natural taster. As high-end bird’s nest brand and to ensure safe bird’s nest, Misuca staffs walked thousands of miles to find fine-quality and pure natural bird’s nest for customers, and transmits bird’s nest food culture to every family. Through Misuca, the public enjoys high quality bird’s nest as well as feeling the unique quality of Misuca brand.

In old times swallows in the front of Wangxie’s hall, flies into the homes of ordinary people. Bird’s nest is no longer the traditional “imperial palace supplies”, and has become a healthy lifestyle for more ordinary families. Misuca company devotes to the acquisition, processing and sales of bird’s nest, always keep a serious and responsible attitude to the quality of bird’s nest, and strive to provide natural and delicious bird’s nest to each consumer!

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