Diducheck.com helps online buyers make informed decisions with the launch of AI software

March 15 22:21 2017
New York startup, Diducheck.com announces the launch of its Artificial Intelligence software to help buyers make informed decisions from insightful reviews posted by previous buyers

Buying products online has been made more effective and much faster with the launch of its new age artificial intelligence startup, Diducheck.com, a platform designed to provide deep and credible insight to online shoppers purchasing a product.

Online shoppers have traditionally had to rely on reviews from supposed previous buyers and clients to make decisions based on the online researches they have conducted. According to a 2011 study titled “2011 Social Shopping Study” from the e-tailing group and PowerReviews, shoppers spend 75% of time conducting online research. Another study conducted by Marketing Land revealed that 90% of shoppers agree that their buying decision is influenced by online reviews.

Diducheck.com addresses these two points head-on by aggregating consumer reviews from across the web and providing insightful intelligence to buyers before they make a purchase. This means buyers spend less time reading and ingesting information and spend more time comparing items they want to buy. Diducheck’s solution is unique in that it identifies strong clusters of both positive & negative keywords defining the experience of previous online shoppers, allowing future shoppers to make an informed decision concerning their next purchase without wasting too much time on research.

A really good example is their review of the Amazon Fire TV streaming media player. As one can clearly see there are 62 instances of the word “issues” mentioned with a negative sentiment. Clicking further into this keyword showcases the various issues plaguing current customers. On the positive side, customers acknowledge that “Alexa” the Amazon voice powered assistant, actually works.

As featured on major media houses like BBC, CNN, and Fox, this kind of unbiased review intelligence has never been available to consumers. Consumers have finally found a way of expediting the time they spend researching the product they wish to buy.

About Diduchek.com

Diducheck.com is the latest best thing that happened to online shoppers as the platform gathers authentic and reliable online product reviews from different e-commerce websites, helping intending buyers make the right decision on their next purchase in good time.

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