Nick Cascino Releases New Book – Doctor Misery’s City of Music

May 15 17:56 2024
Nick Cascino Releases New Book - Doctor Misery's City of Music
Nick Cascino Releases New Book – Doctor Misery’s City of Music
Author Nick Cascino is pleased to announce the release of his new sci-fi fantasy comedy novel, Doctor Misery’s City of Music. Kindle best-seller – Humorous Science Fiction. Enter a realm where music and comedy are the ultimate salvation.

In Doctor Misery’s City of Music, Cascino explores the transformative power of laughter, music, and consciousness in a world where a beauty-obsessed mad scientist ascends to become a cultural and political leader. Deceived by his pupil, Doctor Praterius, Doctor Mizzieri and Gelsomina embark on a quest fueled by transformative music. From AI-generated propaganda to musically induced blockchains and the introduction of Crotox, a cryptocurrency tied to skin rejuvenators, the novel presents a tapestry of inventive concepts that push the boundaries of imagination.

Musicians in Cascino’s narrative develop personal leitmotifs as they navigate between mundane and extraordinary worlds, from the Forest Hills neighborhood of New York to the mountaintop city of Ravello, then a neighborhood in in Venice where advanced technology is restricted to only those deemed worthy. As they embark on a river journey through a South American rainforest, Cascino poses existential questions about the nature of music—whether it leads to higher consciousness or submission through mesmerization.  Ultimately, does music have a conscience?

About the Author:

Nick Cascino is a multifaceted individual—part-time musician, aspiring astrophysicist, and media theorist—who seamlessly integrates knowledge from various disciplines into his work. His deep exploration of Quantum Physics, ancient creation myths, and the transformative power of music informs the narrative of Doctor Misery’s City of Music. Cascino’s innovative concept of Quantum Arousal Theory underpins the story, offering readers a blend of science, mythology, and complex mathematics.

Doctor Misery’s City of Music invites readers to contemplate the intersections of creativity, consciousness, and morality through the lens of Cascino’s richly imagined world. With its fusion of science fiction, fantasy, and philosophical inquiry, the novel promises to enthrall audiences seeking a thought-provoking literary experience.

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Scrap the Tardis! Doctor Misery invents Quantum Arousal, using music to merge senses and emotions, achieving superposition and creating new realms mystifying and delirious.

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