Distinguished Leader Joaquín Antonio Perusquía Corres Featured in Exclusive Interview on Industry Elites: “What Does Success Look Like To You?”

February 12 19:48 2024
Joaquín Antonio Perusquía Corres, a leader in education and healthcare, shares his journey and insights in an exclusive interview on Industry Elites. Raised in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, his upbringing fueled his commitment to community service. Facing challenges like the 2008 crisis, he led Instituto Anglo Moderno’s expansion with resilience. His definition of success goes beyond finances, focusing on community impact. Joaquín offers advice to aspiring leaders and reflects on his achievements.

Joaquín Antonio Perusquía Corres, a prominent figure in the realms of education and healthcare, has been featured in an exclusive interview on Industry Elites, where he candidly shares insights on his journey, values, and aspirations.

Born and raised in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Joaquín draws inspiration from his parents, Clementina and Ernesto, who instilled in him a deep sense of dedication to community service. His upbringing laid the foundation for a remarkable career characterized by resilience and unwavering commitment.

In the interview, Joaquín recounts pivotal moments from his childhood and reflects on the influence of his parents’ legacy, particularly his father’s founding of the Hospital Infantil Privado and the Asociación Nacional de Hospitales Privados.

Amidst challenges such as the 2008 economic crisis, Joaquín’s leadership shone through as he navigated the expansion of Instituto Anglo Moderno with resilience and strategic acumen. His definition of success transcends financial metrics, emphasizing the profound impact on individuals and communities, exemplified through his philanthropic efforts aiding those affected by natural disasters.

Joaquín also shares insights on maintaining a balance between professional commitments and personal interests, offering valuable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and emerging leaders based on his experiences. He reflects on his most significant accomplishment – the growth of the school his parents founded – and outlines his future endeavors, driven by a commitment to positive societal impact.

In a poignant conclusion, Joaquín succinctly defines success as making a tangible, positive impact on the lives of others, echoing his lifelong dedication to service and community well-being.

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