Nano Zirconia ZrO2 has great development potential in electronics field

September 19 01:22 2023

Nano Zirconia ZrO2 has excellent performance, wide application fields, and great development potential in the field of consumer electronics.

Nano Zirconia ZrO2 has excellent physical properties such as high strength, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, insulation insulation, and expansion coefficients, as well as outstanding performance for its nano size with excellent chemical properties such as corrosion resistance and high conductivity and high-scale surface area, high processing accuracy, strong oxygen storage capacity. It is widely used in structural devices, oxygen sensors, joints, etc; and in the background of consumer electronics in the development of the next generation of backboards, ceramic materials (ZrO2, YSZ) have great potential.

1. The backplane and intelligent wearable devices are expected to usher in the era of zirconia ceramics.

The 5G era requires a faster signal transmission speed and will adopt a spectrum above 3GHz, which has shorter wavelength of its millimeter. Compared with the metal backboard, the ceramic backboard has no interference to the signal. The ceramic material combines the characteristics of the shape of the glass, no signal shielding, and high hardness. Yes, it is very suitable for wearable devices and mobile phone backboards.

ZRO2 zirconia

Among all ceramic materials, in addition to high-strength, high hardness, acid-alkali-resistant corrosion resistance and high chemical stability, the zirconia ceramics have the characteristics of anti-scratch-resistant, no signal shielding, excellent heat dissipation performance, and good appearance effects. Therefore, it has become a new type of mobile phone body after plastic, metal, and glass. At present, the application of zirconia ceramics in mobile phones is mainly two parts: backboard and fingerprint recognition cover.

With the well-known domestic mobile phone manufacturers Huawei and Xiaomi  launching zirconia ceramic backplane phones, the market heat has gradually increased, which has opened the curtain of oxidation and infiltration of mobile phone backplane materials.

2. Advanced aging and consumption upgrades will increase the penetration rate of oxidation dentures and the market space is broad.

ZIRCONIA-3YSZ Biological Grade

Due to its good biological performance, aesthetics and stability, zirconia ceramic materials are widely used in the field of dental repair. With the intensification of global aging and the improvement of living standards and the attention of the whitening of teeth, the global denture market scale has continued to expand. The penetration rate of oxidation ceramics in the denture materials is expected to further increase, and the market space in the field of domestic oxidation in the field of righteousness will continue to grow.

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