Why liquid collagen is better than powdered collagen? VITALBEAUTIE’s Super Collagen has an answer

March 21 20:30 2023
VITALBEAUTIE’s proven and trusted Super Collagen, the #1 liquid collagen on Amazon, nurtures one’s inner beauty from the inside out.

VITALBEAUTIE, created by Amorepacific Corporation, has long been South Koreans’ go-to brand for health and beauty. They offer it all, from collagen to probiotics to body fat control. The VITALBEAUTIE team strives to achieve people’s desires to live beautiful and healthy lives, believing that genuine beauty begins with health and is completed with beauty.

The star of VITALBEAUTIE’s health and beauty supplement collection, and one of the most popular collagen items on Amazon, is their Super Collagen. This product is a liquid collagen that effectively helps to regenerate skin, maintain hair & nail health, and support one’s inner beauty.

The importance of collagen

Collagen is a type of protein and there are several types of it. Each form of collagen has a slightly different amino acid sequence that dictates the exact purpose and function of that type of collagen in the body. Super Collagen has Type I collagen – the one which makes up 90% of the body’s collagen and is best suited for skin, hair and nails support.

According to research, collagen loss begins between 18 and 29. Beyond 40, the body might lose around 1% of its collagen yearly. Collagen improves the appearance of skin, hair, and nails while also strengthening bones and muscles. A high-quality, scientifically formulated collagen peptide supplement is one of the most excellent methods to ensure the body gets adequate collagen. 

A verified Amazon users, who’ve already tried it, strongly recommend Super Collagen.

“I’ve been taking collagen supplements for years since I know their importance. VITALBEAUTIE’s Supper Collagen is the best collagen I’ve ever found; my skin now shines and feels nourished. This is why I support them. It tastes great – I’ve tried collagen formulas before, but most didn’t taste well. This one is quite excellent. It’s simple to use – because this product comes in a little bottle, it’s excellent for bringing around and using whenever I want. There is no need for water or a cup to mix. And this liquid collagen contains excellent ingredients,” they concluded.


Three reasons why customers choose VITALBEAUTIE’s Liquid Super Collagen over others

1. Super Collagen absorbs 300% faster than other powder-based collagens thanks to its liquid formula

Collagen molecules are categorized by their size in Daltons (Da). Generally, the higher the molecular weight of collagen, the lower the absorption rate in the body. Unprocessed animal collagen is generally classified as high-molecular-weight, ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 Da, and may be difficult for the body to absorb. On the other hand, low-molecular-weight collagen is usually classified as 3,000 Da or less, and is easily and quickly absorbed by the body.

Made with 100 times smaller molecular peptides, VITALBEAUTIE’s Super Collagen contains 3,300 mg of fast-absorbing collagen with 1,000 Da marine collagen ingredient which increases the absorption in the body by 300% comparing to other powder-based collagens. 

2. Clinically proven results

Not only Super Collagen is very easy to carry around or use – it doesn’t require any mixing, diluting, or water – but it’s also highly effective which was proven by clinical test results.

8 weeks of clinical intake* of Super Collagen showed improvement in all indicators related to skin elasticity, radiance, roughness, eye wrinkles, cheek moisture, skin transparency as well as visible effects in improving hair and nails.

3. Award winning product with the highest quality

Super Collagen contains no preservations. It is non-GMO, hormone and gluten free, light on the stomach and has a fruit flavor without any fishy smell. 

In 2020 Super Collagen won the special Silver Award from Monde Selection, a quality evaluation agency established in Brussels, Belgium, which once again proved Super Collagen being a high-quality, scientifically formulated collagen peptide supplement.  


Wellness brand VITALBEAUTIE is a part of Amorepacific Corporation, one of the biggest names in the Korean beauty industry. Amorepacific aims to build a better world by helping people discover their innate beauty. With 35 leading beauty brands, they are a pioneer in the beauty industry.

VITALBEAUTIE is the first inner-beauty brand in Korea, with years of Korean knowledge, created under the philosophy that natural beauty is natured inside to be expressed outside.  

For more information or to purchase Super Collagen, visit Amazon or contact the company on the details below.

*Test results: Oral Intake of Enzymatically Decomposed AP Collagen Peptides Improvements Skin Moisture and Ceramics and Natural Moisturizing Factor Contents in the Strategic Comeum. Nutrients 2021, 13, 4372.

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