TopSearchBox Launches Autocomplete-Optimization Program as an Improved Online Marketing Strategy

March 21 19:57 2023

TopSearchBox, provider of the highest marketing service, has launched an Autocomplete-Optimization feature to help enhance visibility of businesses online. This new marketing program is designed to provide businesses fast results allowing them to grab customers before their competition can. The service is tailored so as to arrive in a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship with each customer. This new program allow users to see search predictions in real-time as they type, making prospect clients get to know top businesses as they see fit. As a result, businesses can dominate the market giving them a major edge over their competition.

Here is an example:

Users will use keywords for their search. The Autocomplete-Optimization or otherwise known as Search Box Optimization (SBO) allows users to see the first business name available (as seen above) so that they can click on it before they get to know the competition. Imagine a business name to be the first that people see when they type a keyword. Here is another sample scenario:

Another example if users search in

“Our Autocomplete-Optimization program is designed to provide our clients the edge over other businesses as quickly as possible,” said Jayson Ching, Account Executive of TopSearchBox. “This new marketing service allows business owners to implement a more strategic method of dominating the market. Through our search box optimization, we ensure that business names appear on top of all auto-suggested keywords.”

The program will predict keywords that users type into search boxes depending on the business type or market they are searching for. At TopSearchBox, The first autosuggested keyword is exclusive to the client. Thus, this provides the client a boost in their market visibility as opposed to the well-known Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

“Autocomplete-Optimization is just one of the many programs we are working on to provide businesses an edge in their own market,” said Mr. Ching. “We believe that the program will give businesses a more efficient, personalized marketing experience, and we are excited to see the impact of SBO on the growth of businesses.”

The advantages of the program include but not limited to the following:

–  Fixed monthly cost while allowing businesses to dominate the market
–  Ensure compatibility with existing websites
–  Consistency in results
–  Reduce presence of rivals from the first page of Google and Bing search results
–  Only takes about 60-90 days for it to be completely functional
–  Unique brand recognition in the autocomplete-box
–  Exclusive rights to keywords of choice without double selling
–  More authoritative perception on autocomplete appearance on search box
–  Greater ROI with quicker outcomes and click-throughs at a cheaper cost
–  Consist of all standard elements of SEO but with emphasis on blogs, press releases, videos, social media, backlinks, and directories
–  Concentrated on organic listings, which internet searchers use 60-70% of the time

As opposed to the well-known and well-exploited SEO, it can cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars per month just to stay on top of the competition. It also has major technicalities like regular changes on the website and it involves the intricacies of social media. The results from SEO could even vary on a daily basis and could take months before seeing the actual results. Furthermore, the results may regress especially if the competition improves their performance. Because of this, SEO cannot guarantee results in the way that SBO can. 

With SBO, companies get ranked faster, cheaper, without consistent configuration of websites. Additionally, companies may seem like they are suggested by both Google and Bing.

TopSearchBox is fully committed to make business owners stand out among their competition not only locally but also internationally. The Autocomplete-Optimization program is now available for business owners to take advantage of, and allowing end users or prospect clients select them on top of other business names.

About TopSearchBox:

TopSearchBox is a marketing service company that provides strategic marketing edge for business owners to stand out among their competition. With its new marketing strategy, Autocomplete-Optimization, they offer the ultimate method to get businesses appear first as users type in real-time on internet search boxes such as Google and Bing. TopSearchBox provides its clients utmost privacy, exclusivity, and confidentiality to any personal information clients give them. TopSearchBox also allows business owners to promote anything in areas of the client’s choosing.

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