Laser Skin Clinic shares insights about laser hair removal in Toronto area

December 02 23:00 2022
Laser hair removal assures more effective and safer body hair removal today.

December 02, 2022 – Laser hair removal has scaled up by leaps and bounds since the first launch in the 1990s. Over the years, the technology behind laser hair removal has made vast advancements, so much so, that today the method has become the most preferred hair removal choice for many. Toronto’s Laser Skin Clinic boasts a highly developed laser hair removal infrastructure, offering various types of laser hair removal technologies and services. However, a lot of people in Toronto are yet to know about the huge laser hair removal scenario in the city. In that light, leading laser treatment clinic, Laser Skin Clinic has recently shared a post about laser hair removal in the Toronto area.

Titled “Laser Hair Removal 101”, the post has offered a comprehensive overview about laser hair removal scenarios in the Toronto area. 

As per the article, laser hair removal offers a more effective, safer, and more long-lasting solution than regular hair removal techniques like waxing, shaving, and plucking.  What makes laser hair removal more effective is that laser light energy permanently damages hair follicles that prevents them from growing again. There are 3 kinds of laser hair removal technologies to cater to different skin tones and hair textures-

ND: YAG Laser (1064 nm)- darker skin tones with coarse hair

Alexandrite Laser (755nm)- fair to midtone skin with medium to coarse hair

Diode Laser (800-810 nm)- fair to midtone skin with dark fine hair

The post has shed light on how laser hair removal works for better understanding of the process. In this case, the specialist uses laser light energy to hit the pigment in the hair shaft below the skin. The light emitted gets absorbed by the pigment that eventually causes destruction of hair- yet without hurting the follicle or skin.  The laser beam used is filtered into specific wavelengths for better absorption by the pigment contained in the hair.

Although laser hair removal is sometimes used interchangeably with IPL, these two are different techniques. Contrary to popular opinion, IPL is not laser, rather the term stands for “Intensed Pulse Light” Now, IPL might cost less than laser, yet it cannot offer the sharp focused targeting that is viable with laser hair removal. Moreover, IPL is also harder to control. Also, IPL is not compatible with multiple hair types- another benefit that laser hair removal commands over IPL.

The article has listed down all other essential information about benefits of laser hair removal, how many sessions one might need to see the results, safety issues, if any, and more. According to the article, laser hair removal has advanced and is way safer than what it was previously.

Laser Skin Clinic is a leading provider of laser hair removal service in the Toronto area. The clinic offers state-of-the-art laser hair removal service with the help of industry-leading Skintel melanin reader- the first FDA-cleared melanin reader. The state-of-the-art device allows easy identification of test spot setting and optimizes laser hair removal, based on customized treatment. Laser hair removal for men and women.  


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