CNC precision machining requirements for products and machines

February 01 10:20 2021

Precision machining is a process in which the shape, size or function of the workpiece is changed by processing machinery. According to the temperature state of the workpiece to be processed, it is divided into cold processing and hot processing. Processing. It is usually processed at room temperature and does not cause chemical or phase changes of the workpiece, which is called cold processing. Normal processing at higher or lower than normal temperature will cause chemical damage to the workpiece Or phase change, called thermal processing.

What are the factors that affect the accuracy of precision parts processing? As we all know, the reason why the processing of precision parts is called precision machining is precisely because the processing procedures and process requirements are very high, and the precision requirements of the products are very high. The I-added accuracy of components includes position accuracy, dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy, etc. We have summarized the following factors that affect the I-added accuracy of precision parts: Inaccurate precision of machine tool rails can also cause errors in the shape of precision parts.

Metal parts processing surface: spray paint processing, the hardware factory uses spray paint processing when producing large hardware products, and the metal parts are prevented from rusting through spray paint processing.

Such as: daily necessities, electrical enclosures, handicrafts, etc. Electroplating: Electroplating is also a common processing technology for hardware processing. The surface of hardware is electroplated through modern technology to ensure It is certified that the products will not be mildewed and embroidered under long-term use.

Common electroplating processes include: screws, stamping parts, batteries, car parts, small accessories, etc.

Surface polishing processing: surface polishing Processing is generally used in daily necessities for a long time. Through the surface burr treatment of hardware products, for example, we produce combs. Combs are hardware parts made by stamping. The corners of the punched comb are very sharp. We need to polish the sharp corners into a smooth face, so that it will not hurt the human body during use. harm.

Maintenance method of CNC machining center: daily cleaning of machine tool dust and iron filings: including machine tool control panel, spindle taper hole, tool cart, tool head and taper handle, tool magazine Tool arm, tool magazine, turret; XY axis sheet metal shield, flexible hose in the machine tool, tank chain device, chip groove, etc.; check the level of lubricating oil to ensure the lubrication of the machine; check the coolant Whether the coolant in the box is enough and not enough to add in time; check whether the air pressure is normal; check whether the air blowing in the cone hole in the spindle is normal, wipe the cone hole in the spindle with a clean cotton cloth, Spray with light oil; clean the tool magazine arms and tools, especially the claws; check whether all signal lights and abnormal warning lights are normal; check whether there is leakage in the hydraulic unit tube. After the daily work is completed, clean and sweep work; keep the environment around the machine clean.

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