The Features of Stabilizer For Rigid Clear PVC Products

February 01 10:16 2021

Performance Features:

· Safe and nontoxic, replacing Ba/Zn, Ba/Cd, and organotin stabilizers.
· Anti-verdigris, anti-hydrolysis, providing high transparency without producing fog and smell.
· Excellent color retention, needing a lower dosage.
· Good lubrication and dispersion, compatible with PVC resin and no plate-out.
· Suitable for the processing of rigid clear products.

· Non-toxic substance with heavy metal content meeting EN71/EN1122/EPA3050B and environmental protection standards such as EU ROHS directive, PAHs polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and REACH-SVHC


· Processing with epoxidized soybean oil
· Kneading ingredients.
· Processing with other additives.

Packaging and Storing

· Compound paper bag: 25kg/bag, kept under seal in a dry and shady spot.

Calcium Zinc Stabilizer HL-788 Series

Product Code

Metallic Oxide (%)

Heat Loss (%)

Mechanical Impurities












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