Beerex Chain Co., Ltd. in the Spotlight as a Blockchain Company

February 09 03:15 2019

Beerex Chain Co., Ltd. successfully developed Beerex Coin (BRX), and is poised to list in one of the top global cryptocurrency exchanges in the first half of 2019 entailing a perspective of higher value of the cryptocurrency. Beerex Chain Co., Ltd. is preparing to become the leading blockchain company.

BRX GROUP President Duk-Rae Kim and Young-Hwan Cho, and Chairman Byung-Soo Hwang, shared the vision of the group through their first BRX GROUP Vision Conference for investors on January 16th. In February and March, they will continually share their vision and business plan with thousands of investors, expanding the infrastructure of the business.

Beerex Coin (BRX) is not a simple ERC-20 token but a utility coin with strong technology based on its own mainnet which is under development.

In addition, Beerex Chain Co., Ltd. currently has agreements with various hospitals and healthcare companies that will be used in medical, health and beauty fields. This will result in the project becoming the leader in the blockchain technology of healthcare and beauty fields.

Customers with BRX will receive high quality services at discounted prices, accumulate points, and receive better quality customer care programs in the future.

Beerex Chain Co., Ltd. has established one stop integrated platform for the beauty and health industry to overcome the problems of the lack of information, management of member, companies, and much more in the industries.

In the field of stem cell anti-aging, Beerex Chain Co., Ltd. concluded agreements with a number of hospitals that have the best proven system and medical staff in the field of anti-aging, skin care and stem cell to provide stem cell bank, stem cell cosmetics, anti aging, hair loss, MTS, and laser clinics.

In the healthcare field, the hospitals proceed healthcare programs such as stress clinics, menopausal clinics, oriental medicine clinics, preventive medicine clinics, and vitamin injections. The company is expanding its global network based on its 70,000 branch offices in Korea along with the Beauty Association and Anti-Aging Medical Foundation Association which consists of 300,000 members.

In order to grow into a global company, Beerex Chain Co., Ltd. established the Beerex Anti-Aging Medical Foundation, which has been promoting the successful launch of Beerex Coin (BRX). The company has also developed the Personal Anti-aging Record (PAAR) which will become a social enterprise that will help the public health to maintain health and youth.

It has also held international conferences called “World Beauty Festival” and participated as booth 7 times until 2018 to expand their global network while informing the company’s management philosophy and competitiveness. It has also established relations with 25 countries through BEEREX beauty academy center. And has been concluding business agreements.

In addition, BEERX Beauty Academy Center will cooperate with domestic and overseas beauty experts association to contribute to the development of national industry by creating new jobs through professional video education, qualification verification, recruitment of new workforce.

Also, for the continued growth of affiliated merchants, it may become possible for the whole nation to benefit from high-quality medical health programmes by providing the Merchant Quality Authentication System (SQC) and Merchant Management Service (MSO) from Beerex Chain Co., Ltd.

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