Orbit Network launched over eight blockchain projects in 2018, and all were successful

January 10 22:54 2019

The blockchain development company, Orbit Network with a strong focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies development, is pleased to officially announce the success of more than 8 blockchain projects that was launched by the company in 2018. The company also offer an impressive affiliate and network marketing program that gives its users financial incentive to participate in the company’s blockchain platforms like crypto trade, forex, commodities etc.

The blockchain is defined as a database of transaction records that can be in any form, from cash payments to the transfer of real estate from one person to another. However, some features make Blockchain unique and different from other databases that came before it. The blockchain is a decentralized network, unlike the traditional databases that are centralized. Also, blockchain’s databases are not owned by a single entity. Instead, it’s spread across thousands of computers, a network open to all Internet-connected users.

The blockchain is already having its impact on many sectors, from healthcare records storage to supply chain management to real-world transfers of assets, and more. The most obvious and common application so far has been the revolution of payments. People who do not know each other and, more importantly, do not trust each other, can transfer real value with just one digital wallet in a secure way: no intermediaries, no payment gateways, no clearinghouses, no banks. The traditional payment process will be charged with fees borne by all of the above entities. Each person takes a small cut when the payment arrives at the wallet of the recipient.

“Blockchain is the most promising technologies we have encountered in this 21st century. This is why we launched those bitcoin projects, and we’re happy that it was successful. The Year 2019 provides another opportunity to launch even more project that will rock the Blockchain world. Watch out!” William Delano said for Orbit Network.

Orbit Network is committed to helping their clients build solutions that ensure profitability through the power of blockchain technology. The services they offer include Bitcoin transaction, Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin mining.

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About Orbit Network

Orbit Network is a blockchain development company that helps businesses and individual to overcome the technological challenges of digital transformation through blockchain innovations like Crypto Transaction, Crypto exchange and related mining. Their platforms include CRYPTO TRADE, FOREX, COMMODITIES, OPTIONS and IOT (Internet Of Things). They also have many strong partners in the technology sector such as Probite which a Think Tank company focusing on robot innovations and Space Army as one of the leading companies in space research industries. 

For more information, visit: Orbitnetwork.com

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