Milan Roxe fighting poverty with the Kalki Coin crypto ecosystem

January 10 22:44 2019

Innovative digital currency ecosystem pivoted by Kalki Coin, aiming to solve India’s poverty problem using the amazing blockchain technology

Kalki Coin is looking to be the saviour that will take India out of poverty using the unique blockchain technology. The Kalkicoin ecosystem, majorly centred on the Kalki Coin is aiming to help India and probably the rest of the world to fight poverty using a unique approach offered by the digital currency space.

It is no news that poverty is one of the major problems faced by millions of people in different parts of the world. While several government institutions and private bodies have contributed their quota to alleviating poverty and bringing people out of the rather unfortunate cycle, many of the proposed solutions have not been able to effectively address the situation. It is also rather disturbing that despite the quality of human capital available to the country, India is one of the countries with the largest number of people, with the country ranking among the first five poorest countries in the world based on the number of poor people in the country. This is where Kalki Coin majorly backed by Milan Roxe is looking to make a major difference across India.

Otherwise known as Milan Sharma, Milan Roxe is a young adult that has done exceptionally well for himself, currently worth over 4 billion rupees. Unlike many other millionaires and rich folks across the globe, Milan is looking to fight poverty by giving back to the society. However, Milan is doing this in a rather unique way by giving a total of $2 million to the government while also putting his weight behind the Kalki Coin ecosystem.

Kalki Coin is designed to be a unique payment solutions provider and reward platform built for the promotion of transparency in the Indian economy. The digital currency is particularly unique as it is project-based and hence, has huge potentials in the nearest future. Kalki Coin is a low volatile coin that gradually increases and made for mass adoption.

One of the major features of the digital currency particularly as it relates the alleviation of poverty is the appreciation in the value of coins, ensuring capital gains for holders while also allowing for the development of the economy in a transparent and secure way.

Some of the unique features of the Kalki Coin ecosystem that comprises of the Kalki wallet and Kalki coin include its Magic Stabilisation Algorithm to address the needs of consumers and merchants, retailer-friendliness with the promotion of the use of Kalki Point of Sale, community development, and decentralised law.

More information about the Kalki Coin ecosystem can be found on their website.

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