Harford Control Ltd Is Improving Its Clients’ Performance In More Ways Than One

December 14 05:25 2018

Wiltshire, UK – Harford Control Ltd is allowing its clients’ businesses to flourish. As a company that specialises in helping businesses to perform at their optimum ability, Harford Control Ltd is more than a one-trick pony. This company has found a variety of ways to service its manufacturer clients.

The manufacturing process is tedious and sometimes repetitive. It’s easy for businesses to get caught in the same habits and wonder why their productivity isn’t increasing. Harford Control Ltd has found ways to combat this, offering services including weight control for products, auto-coding, and vision inspection to reduce defects.

Out of all their services, there are three that stand out the most: paperless factory, OEE line performance, and coding and labelling verification. All these different assistances are available so that businesses can utilise one or all during their production processes with the aims of cutting costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

The ‘paperless factory’ practice allows for instant information, verification, and timeliness. It helps businesses to have consistent product quality, saved and 100% traceable documentation, and instant knowledge of any problems. Removing paperwork from a business encourages all information to be recorded swiftly and accurately. To learn more about the benefits of a paperless factory, visit http://www.harfordcontrol.com/solution/paperless-quality/.

Harford’s OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) programme allows companies to understand their true productivity and performance. OEE systems enable manufacturers to unlock hidden capacities, improve line performances, optimise changeovers, and accrue accurate and reliable data. OEE offers data analysis using Harford reporting and can be presented in multiple formats. To read a more in-depth analysis of OEE, check out http://www.harfordcontrol.com/solution/oee/.

Another of their most popular offerings is Auto coding, aka Mix-up Prevention or Coding and Labelling Compliance. What this technique does is rely on machines to allow for the minimisation of human error, reduction in changeover time, elimination of EPWs or fines, and implementation of instant non-conformance alerts. One of the best things about this practice is that it reduces the costs of production. This enables businesses to focus on areas of lost opportunities and wastage. To read more about auto-coding, go to http://www.harfordcontrol.com/solution/coding-compliance/.

With its myriad services, Harford Control Ltd is on its way to becoming the first of its class in utilising an arsenal of quality-improving systems for the manufacturing process. To learn about Harford Control Ltd.’s full range of productivity enhancers, contact the company through its email listed below.

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