Capital Interiors is Designing Beautiful Luxury Homes in London and Around the World

December 14 05:10 2018

London, UK – Interior design company Capital Interiors is offering complete design services for residential and commercial estates. Over the last 40 years, the luxury interior designers in London have cultivated a reputation for their approach to high-end bespoke design, both in the UK and internationally. 

Luxury homes used to be defined by how large the home was, how many servants took care of the estate, and how much property was owned. Nowadays, there is a lot more that goes into defining what a luxury home is. With technology updating at an extremely fast pace, luxury home designers have to keep in mind this new tech and make sure their designs match the pacing of the upgrades.

What is considered stylish luxury interior design has also changed over the years. Minimalism is all the rage, with pops and hints of individual aesthetic style bleeding through the design aspects. When creating a space, luxury interior designers must keep in mind what the latest styles in London are.

Capital Interiors pride themselves on being the most up to date luxury interior designers in London, showcasing their design sense on their Pinterest page ( They have an extremely experienced team that handles all the different aspects of creating or refurbishing a luxury home. The team works closely with discerning property owners to ensure that the project is built to match the client’s vision.

Their goal is to make the optimal use of the space they are given to deliver a final result that is completely original, detailed, and highly personalised. They take it a step further and act as project managers as well. This way, they guarantee that they will see the projects they work on through from inception to completion. They also offer custom bespoke furniture design to match the new interior.

Capital Interiors has experience internationally, working with luxury estates in the Caribbean, the Middle East, and throughout Europe.

Over the last 40 years, the company has relied primarily on word of mouth to build their international client base. In today’s internet age, they’ve also taken to platforms such as LinkedIn ( and Instagram ( to get the word out about their services. Design trends will always change, but Capital Interiors assures their clients that their commitment to personalised luxury will not.

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