Open communication about what one desires in a new tennis court is key to a strong construction finish overall, and that’s what Crowall does

December 14 04:40 2018
It appears that, for this licensed and experienced contracting business, the tennis court is indeed “its first serve”.

Super effective, timely creations or recreations of modern tennis courts is Crowall’s niche, and it shows. Tennis court coating and resurfacing, as well as the landscaping designing that needs to take place prior to is, is what the business is all about, serving multiple clients around Aurora, Ontario, Canada. The business also works slightly outside its main province area when the need calls for it though it makes every attempt to focus its business efforts here. Also, it can engage other types of sports surfaces, as well, though the tennis court comes first.

The company now offers laser-guided grading, to add, which can make the modern landscaping process a whole lot faster and more precise. This type of tech allows the business to work with an even more detailed level of sloping and leveling for each court as well as with its surrounding landscape designs put in place (or to be designed). Notably, most other type of surface contracting competitors along this line, even those working in the local area, do not include this type of service, and Crowall has stated it many a time. It gives Crowall a competitive edge, one could say, taking things a step up from ‘ordinary’. 

Also, the laser grading is a very fine and detailed process that works in this manner: A plane of light, by means of a laser, will first project itself across the landscape to be used. Then, the completed design should most accurately be reflected by means of the projection. This can then be used as a proper point of reference to help ensure the contractor that he or she has got the proper placement of all materials.

Following this, the slope and elevation get setup; right after the transmitter’s been properly mounted on the tripod first, of course. Then, the proper LED lights, along with the receivers used, will combine to communicate with the blades, telling them that they either need to stay on the grade or move. Rocco Cornacchia is the company’s designer and project manager behind Crowall’s laser grading service, holding almost 30 years of experience.

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