SoundTouch Interactive launches the new Sound Touch on the App Store

December 14 02:50 2018
Innovative mobile app development company, SoundTouch Interactive, announces the re-launch of Sound Touch on the App Store

SoundTouch Interactive has launched a new discounted subscription-based version of the award-winning preschool app, Sound Touch. The app is designed to enhance the learning abilities of babies by creating a fun and exciting learning environment. With more than 400 flashcards of pictures of different wild animals as well as the sounds of vehicles, musical instruments and more, Sound Touch is the ideal apps for toddlers that will change the way new things are learned.

Studies have shown that children easily grasp new things and information at a tender age due to the magnetic nature of their brain at that stage. Consequently, several teaching techniques have been developed to help kids starting learning without giving up their fun. Unfortunately, there has not been enough use of technology in the educational sector particularly for teaching babies. This is where SoundTouch Interactive has been able to make a difference by offering free, innovative mobile apps to help parents and other persons to teach their baby.

The leading makers of innovative baby educational apps and learning apps have launched a new subscription-based version of the iOS app – Sound Touch, allowing parents, teachers and therapists around the world to use and enjoy the well-known app, which is specifically designed for toddlers and kids with special needs at a low price.

One of the great features of the app is the 5-6 variations for each item, making it easy for example, for toddlers to learn that there are different kinds of chickens (roosters and hens), guitars (classical and electric), airplanes and a host of others.

What makes the app really stand out from other learning apps are the carefully selected brilliant photographs, the top quality sound recordings, the unusual variety of flashcards and voice over in 35 international languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese and Mandarin. The app also contains full length classical musical pieces.

Besides the one-time payment for the premium app “Sound Touch” in the app store, the free version “Sound Touch Lite” offers the Animals and Vehicles categories for free, with the full access to all other contents available as a subscription service. “Sound Touch Lite” allows users to have unlimited access to everything that the full premium “Sound Touch” app offers as long the subscriptions are active.

For the past 9 years, the delightful learning app has been able to get more than 8.5 million downloads, positively affecting millions of children and families across the globe. The app already has a record 10 stars out of 10 on the iPhone App Review. “This is a fantastic concept, the photos are great, as is the sound quality of the recordings. It would take a while for little ones to get tired of this game!”

The app is currently available on the App Store for parents across the globe.

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SoundTouch Interactive is a leading developer of innovative apps designed to help parents set their babies on the right path of learning. The company offers a wide range of amazing learning solutions that make learning fun and exciting.

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