UGO CABRET, How Freedom Becomes An Eternal Brand Gene

November 17 02:35 2018

The longest high-end German glass brand, Ugo Cabret, not only has a creative designer team, but also has a design concept of pursuing freedom, striving to let women live the best and truest of their lives. Only freedom can make women live a simple and happy life, and allow them to live smartly and more joyfully.

Handmade glasses that release a women’s light of freedom.

Ugo Cabret, born in southern Germany, has a deep understanding of the true meaning of freedom.

Back then, Germany just went through a wave of revolution that influenced the whole world. German women were eager to get rid of the unreasonable conservation and rigidity, and got out of these inappropriate rules, making them new independent women with freedom.

Designers at Ugo Cabret were acutely aware of the power to pursuing freedom, love and beauty hidden deep down in every woman’s heart. This eternal shiny light comes out of every woman’s eye. All women’s eyes have the unique grace of heaven. They shine like stars and are very rare, making them well-deserve a pair of incomparable special glasses.

In the 19th century, glass came to Europe as a new thing.

Soon, handmade glasses sweeping the German society became a window through which women expressed their independence.

UGO CABRET stands at the front of the new era, who always believes that fashionable glasses in simple style can awaken the free will hidden in a women’s heart. It will give all eyes charm and vitality, allowing a woman’s beauty to grow freely and vigorously.

Regardless of being noble or humble, poor or rich, age, or beauty or ugliness, women always yearn for freedom, which is far beyond the complete freedom of behavior. The biggest freedom is mental freedom, which cannot be taken away by anyone.

Live high-end and start from UGO CABRET

Designers at UGO CABRET are all devotional dreamers. They keep a heart of sincerity and integrate a free will concept into the design of every glass through outstanding creativity and perfect craftsmanship, combined with their detailed observation of a woman’s nature.

Only women with freedom are able to live truly high-end. Getting rid of traditional and tedious design concepts, designers at UGO CABRET believes that glasses should not cover a women’s shiny light. To the contrary, it is due to the unique existence of glasses that allows every wearer to show their will and thought in a more proper way.

They are committed to having each pair of glass become a unique and precious treasure, allowing eyes to shine the light of freedom beyond compare.

Freedom is the agreed practice that casts aside common customs.

Who says that the shape of glasses has to be round?

UGO CABRET tells you that glasses can be in various shapes, such as square and mordent. Being brave enough to break the bonds of old rules is the first step made by UGO CABRET towards freedom.

Freedom is self-nourishment, and is to try anything impossible.

Who says glass material has to be plastic?

UGO CABRET tells you that rare materials, such as k-gold, precious stones, 925 silver, titanium metal and carbon fiber, can also make a pair of heirloom glasses with delicate details by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

For UGO CABRET, true freedom is a combination of the spirit and soul, the richness of self-nourishment, and the spirit of completely being on one’s own.

UGO CABRET’s free will leaves every pair of glasses full of rich interior, allowing each UGO CABRET woman to release their beauty, and live a relaxed and free life. UGO CABRET provides true nourishment for women, and raises behavioral freedom to mental freedom, realizing freedom of the mind. This freedom cannot be taken away by others, and is something that people have been yearning for. UGO CABRET allows every woman to live brightly on the outside and freely in the inside, with senses of true high-end and freedom.

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