Aegis Pest Services Offering Environmentally Safe Pest Control Services in Singapore

November 01 22:35 2018

Singapore – Backed by the National Environment Agency, Aegis Pest Services is offering pest control services in Singapore that are safe for families and businesses. With locations in Hong Kong and Manila as well, the global pest control company hopes to continue to expand their reach and offer more home and business owners throughout Asia the option of environmentally friendly services.

Often when homeowners suspect that they have a pest problem, they will try DIY extermination methods to get rid of the bugs or rodents plaguing their home. But many don’t realize the dangers of these store-bought pesticides, as using them improperly has the potential to reduce indoor air quality and cause dangerous chemical reactions if mixed with other products. 

Aegis Pest Services hopes that their safe extermination methods can replace these dangerous DIY attempts. In addition to the National Environment Agency, the company has also been certified by the Singapore Pest Management Association, Building and Construction Authority, and BizSafe. These certifications further prove the validity and safety of the company’s pest control services in Singapore and beyond.

Aegis offers these services to homes, commercial buildings, outdoor spaces, and food and beverage locations. From small enclosed spaces to large open areas, their services can be called upon at any location. Their safe and efficient 3-step eradication program begins with an investigation. Their first goal is to identify the problem, whether it be bees, roaches, ants, termites, mosquitoes, or rodents. After identifying the offenders, they strategize and set a plan into motion to most quickly and safely eradicate the problem creatures. The eradication process relies on the usual methods of baiting and trapping, but using only certified safe products. Finally, they provide follow up monitoring in order to make sure the home or area stays pest-free.

The certified staff at Aegis has seen many infestations in all sorts of places, and they understand how important it is to keep areas safe and clean to prevent disease and property damage. With their global reach and endorsement from several environmentally safety groups, Singapore residents and business owners now have a way to keep their buildings pest-free and safe for humans at the same time.

Singapore, Manila, and Hong Kong residents alike are able to rely on Aegis for their everyday insect and rodent problems. Those interested in learning more information about their services and quoting options can visit the company’s website or contact them through email.

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