Zoey’s Doxies launches breeding program for lovers of Dachshunds

November 01 11:45 2018
Alabama-based Zoey’s Doxies announces the launch of its breeding program for the Dachshund dog breed as well as the availability of doxie puppies for sale

Zoey’s Doxies was founded with the primary aim of providing pure quality doxie puppies to lovers of the Dachshund dog breed without requiring them to break the bank to acquire their favorite breed of dog. As part of the company’s goals of ensuring that every doxie lover gets the best quality Dachshunds, Zoey’s Doxies is offering its breeding program and has also announced that quality doxie puppies will be available for sale in the near future.

The dachshund is a short-legged, long-bodied, hound-type dog breed and is one of the most popular dog breeds due to their unique features and versatility. The dachshunds are playful, loyal companions and are good with children. Ranking 13th according to the 2016 AKC registration statistics, the breed has become increasingly popular with urban and apartment dwellers with different degrees of organized local dachshund clubs in several cities in America including New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. Unfortunately, many lovers of dachshunds have not been able to live their dreams of having quality and Zoey’s Doxies is looking to change this narrative by ensuring everyone and anyone can enjoy the amazing companionship of a dachshund and experience what it feels to have a doxie.

The breeding program by Zoey’s Doxies will offer dog lovers pure, quality doxies that have gotten the best possible pet care. This ensures that buyers do not have to worry about the health history of their pets. It also means that customers benefit from the over two decades of experience raising dogs, which underlines the quality of doxies offered by the company.

The imminent availability of doxie puppies also offers dog lovers an opportunity to own doxies from parents that have been cared for on a well-balanced diet, vitamins, and probiotics. With a clean facility and the experience as well as the education of the team at Zoey’s Doxies, customers can be sure of getting not but healthy, happy doxie puppies.

More information about Zoey’s Doxies and the services offered can be found on their website.

About Zoey’s Doxies

Zoey’s Doxies is a pet company headquartered in Blountsville, Alabama. The company was founded to provide healthy, quality doxie puppies to dog lovers across the United States.

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